Do You Need A Tuberculosis Skin Test (Mantoux) For your life adventure!?

Ensure your safety with our quick and reliable Tuberculosis Skin Test—your first step in meeting occupational health requirements.

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TB Skin Test Screening

Ready to embark on your next life adventure but need a TB skin test? Look no further!

At Prosper Pharmacy 24, we specialize in providing TB skin testing for those embarking on educational programs or starting roles in hospitals, nursing homes, and other high-risk occupational environments. Tuberculosis screening is crucial as it helps preven the spread of TB in settings where exposure risk is heightened.

TB skin tests are mandatory in several sectors across BC. Not sure if this applies to you? Connect with us at Prosper Pharmacy 24, and we’ll guide you through the requirements, ensuring you’re fully prepared and compliant.

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Who Needs a TB Skin Test?

1.Healthcare Professionals

Often required by employers to ensure a safe working environment.

2. Students and Employees

Mandatory for those entering environments such as day cares, schools, colleges, or universities where TB risk is assessed.

3. Long-term Care Facility Admissions

Necessary for meeting health standards prior to admission.

4.Immigration/Emigration Purposes

A key requirement for many immigration or emigration processes.

5. Medical Assessments or Treatment Plans

Essential for comprehensive health evaluations or specific treatment plans.

Purpose of the Test

This test is crucial for determining if you have been infected with TB, have had it previously, or have been exposed to the bacteria that cause it.

How Does the Test Work?

We schedule two appointments spaced 48-72 hours apart. During the first visit, a registered nurse injects a small amount of tuberculin under your skin. The second appointment assesses any reaction, which indicates exposure to TB. A positive result, indicated by a specific size of the reaction, suggests past exposure to TB. Note that prior BCG vaccinations might cause a false positive.

What Happens After the Test?

Negative Result: We’ll complete your paperwork, certify it at Prosper Pharmacy 24, and you’re all set.

Positive Result: We arrange a chest x-ray and further assessment to determine the necessary steps, which may include treatment.

Additional Services

Based on requirements, we may also review your vaccination history, administer necessary vaccines, conduct blood work to assess your immunity to certain diseases, and provide proof of immunization documentation.

Booking and Costs

Book your appointment now! The TB skin test is priced at $80, including the necessary certification.

What to Bring?

Please bring any paperwork from your employer, school, or facility, your vaccination history, and your BC Care card if available.

Other Tests Offered

We offer a comprehensive range of occupational vaccines, including MMR, polio, chickenpox, tetanus, and flu.

Group Testing

For groups of 10 or more, we can provide on-site TB testing at any of our pharmacies across the province.

Missing Vaccination Records?

If you’re unsure about your vaccination history, we can help deduce what you’ve likely received based on your birth location and date. Lab work may also be requested to check for immunity, although not all vaccines are testable in this manner.