Our Services

Dedicated Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacy team will identify, monitor and access warning signs on all our patients on a daily basis. Should they notice any warning signs, or concerns that needs attention, they will notify the patients primary health care provider immediately.

As your pharmacy provider, your patients will receive dedicated and patient focused services. This means:

  • Regular feedback/communication between patients and physicians
  • Fast prescription processing times
  • Medical device training
  • Rental/purchase of medical devices
  • Blood pressure monitoring
  • Safe disposal of expired/unused medications
  • Immunizations (travel/flu)

Customized Pharmacy Services

We provide free delivery daily home deliveries to patients on daily witnessing of the ingestion of doses.

We offer dedicated services for assisted living/ home based independent living, and/or long term care facility patients

  • Unique refill reminder system
  • Weekly or daily medication compliance monitoring reports for each of the patients primary health care providers

Prescription Transfers

We make moving over to Prosper easy. Just tell us where you got your last prescription filled, and we'll transfer your existing prescriptions over.

Free pick-up and drop-off

We offer free daily, weekly and bi-weekly delivery of your medication to your door. Ask your pharmacist at Prosper on how you can set up a scheduled delivery service.

Prescription Renewal

New pharmacy guidelines allow pharmacists to possibly renew or adapt your existing prescriptions that were filled with us. This can be a great benefit to those patients with stable chronic conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes. Come into Prosper to speak with a pharmacist about our new expanded role.

Confidential & Personalized

At Prosper we do understand that the key element towards healthy living is to use the right medication in a proper way. We at prosper take extra time to help patients understand the medication they are taking, how they work’s, and what side effects they can be associated. We also go a step further and give out some tips by which these side effects can be avoided. We at Prosper also believe that certain Life style tips can to help reduce the risk of certain conditions.

Better medication compliance

We understand that it’s sometimes hard to keep track of medications we are prescribed. We at Prosper with our knowledge and understanding of the entire medications, offer compliance packaging options for our valuable clients to promote patient safety and well-being by enhancing prescription medicine adherence.